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About Juicy Bumbles®

Juicy Bumbles®  is a small family company we founded Juicy Bumbles whilst we were expecting our first baby (who has since been born). Our aim is to provide products of the highest quality that are affordable, functional, fun and will be loved by parents and little ones alike. 

We love and use all of our products, as parents ourselves quality and safety are our absolute priority. We would never dream of sourcing a product that we would not be more than happy for our own daughter to wear, use or just pick up and put in her mouth.

Why The Name?

Well this is a little bit embarrassing for a grown man but here goes… Juicy Bumbles® was the name of my childhood teddy bear (aka Panda). I am happy to say he is still with us and is currently in pride of place on a shelf in my parents house.


Oh we almost forgot the final furry four legged members of the Juicy Bumbles® team Mambo the cat and Rufus the scruffy little terrier.



 Juicy Bumbles® is owned and operated by Norwood Six Ltd (Although the teddy still belongs to me)