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Baby Shoes Seating Tiger

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Juicy Bumbles

Baby Shoes Seating Tiger

Regular price £10.99

Our tiger baby shoes feature a friendly tiger seating on a beige background. They are perfect for baby boys and girls.


  • Allow for free natural movement of the feet and toes
  • Allow feet to stand completely flat on the floor
  • Allow feet to grow
  • Offer protection for the sole of the foot
  • Offer protection for the top of the foot when crawling 


Paediatricians all agree that for the first 2 years of a baby’s life it is best for development if they have bare feet. For obvious reasons this is not practical. The next best thing is a shoe that will allow your little one’s feet to move and grow naturally and will not restrict movement of tiny toes. Our shoes have very soft suede soles and are made from very soft leather that allow your Little one's feet to move and grow naturally without restriction but will also provide protection. Our elasticated ankles will ensure that shoes stay on at all times 


Sole: Antislip Suede

Shoe: Soft Leather

Please note that all our leather is chemical free.

Product Identification

SH095-0/6 5060769883660
SH095-12/18 5060769883677
SH095-18/24 5060769883684
SH095-24/48 5060769883691
SH095-6/12 5060769883707

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