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Kids Birthday Crowns with 0-9 Number Badges - Reversible Blue and Turquoise Crown in Muslin Cotton

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Juicy Bumbles

Kids Birthday Crowns with 0-9 Number Badges - Reversible Blue and Turquoise Crown in Muslin Cotton

Regular price £11.99

When your child’s birthday comes around every year it’s only natural that you want to make the day a truly special one. And that’s where our reusable and rewearable birthday crown comes in! Make sure your little Prince, Princess, King or Queen knows it’s their very special day by presenting them with this lovely muslin birthday crown. Complete with badges numbered 0 to 9 (and a bonus birthday cake badge!) this will be a family favourite for years to come.   

Bullet Points:

  • A family tradition that will be loved by all ages - our reversible muslin cotton birthday crown will add a precious touch to those very special days. Thanks to the ribbon tie and the included ten 0 - 9 numbered pin badges (plus a fun birthday cake badge!) it can be worn year after year after year.
  • Never grows out of style - our crown has a ribbon tie at the back making it a perfect fit for all ages, ensuring that as your little King or Queen grows the crown will always be a beloved part of their birthday celebrations. It will even fit mums and dads so you can join in the fun too!
  • Reversible for added style - each of our colourful crowns is reversible so kids can switch up their style to match their outfit and favourite colour of the moment.
  • Birthday fun for all the family - the inclusion of different numbers means that whether you’re 7, 17 or 71 you still get to wear the crown on your special day! Our Birthday Crown also comes with a cake badge.
  • Safe for your child - as with all Juicy Bumbles products, our muslin birthday crown has been independently tested. Unlike other birthday crowns on the market our Crown is UKCA marked, fully tested for toy safety, flammability and tested for Reach Annex 17. 

Package Includes:

  • 1 reversible muslin crown with tie ribbon.
  • 11 pin on badges, numbered from 0 to 9 plus an special birthday cake badge
  • Premium packaging makes it a perfect birthday gift (Your little one can even colour it in)

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